Our Road Map


September 2014

Formed RSAMMD (Registered in 2017)

November 2014

Partnered with South Africa’s leading neurologists, doctors and professors to form the network and start research programs centered around cannabis.

January 2016

Helped form, and became a member of the CDCSA and has since been in charge of the Western Medical Desk and the medical side of the cannabis development council.

March 2016

License to conduct R&D for university cannabis program

May 2017

Started processing and testing RSAMMD’s first CBD oil.

June 2017

First cannabis Oil product made available to patients for free

January 2018

Started obtaining letters of intent from already listed international cannabis companies showing interest for off take and internal industry development and collaboration

April 2018

Awarded first section 21 license to import pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis. Formed seed bank to gain and preserve genetics.

May 2018

Awarded section 21 to dispense medical cannabis

August 2018

Pending application to cultivate THC for export in co-operation with SAIPA, IKS, DAFF and the Health department, empowering the aboriginal indigenous KhoiSan

December 2018

Issued full R&D license to cultivate and experiment under the provisions of documenting findings and positioning ourselves for full license to cultivate and export. Harvested 100 sq. meters of cannabis cultivated under the provision of an R&D license.

January 2019

Issued license to dispense through traditional healers and IKS.
Started building 500 sq. meter indoor facility with fully controlled & automated systems for propagation, seedlings, mothers and cloning.

March 2019

Started a training program with other licensed doctors and scientists looking to gain a deeper understanding of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system.

June 2019

Harvest, process, test and then destroy crop.

December 2019

Have R&D license converted into licensing for cultivation and therefor expansion and export.

January 2020

Become South Africa’s first registered medical cannabis pharmaceutical company to export our product to Canadian, European and Australasian markets.

March 2020

Commence building stage 1, 100,000 square meters GAP climate controlled greenhouse facility for international offtake.

May 2020

Start induction program for the industry and all it encompasses, to empower communities and transfer skill to propel industry by identifying areas of job creation and industry scalability.

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