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In 2014 one of RSAMMD’s chief medical researchers, Dr Marion Tupy, wrote a book on Cannabis and its medical uses and benefits. The book is aimed at being South Africa’s first cannabis book, which included case studies from over 400 patients. Dr Tupy’s research includes understanding the human endocannabinoid system and most importantly the “entourage” effect with regards to experimenting with different blends of THC and CBD and the different effects cannabis-medicine had on his patients.

Prescription Process


Patient Registers

Patient completes RSAMMD’s registration process

Licensed physician consults

Your patient will be registered and contacted by our Patient Care Team within 48
hours to receive consultation and enter “named patient” program

RSAMMD Registers

A RSAMMD Licensed Physician completes the medical document. This outlines the most suitable medicine from our product guide, duration of the prescription, and any THC limits.

Order is placed

Your patient will receive a tracking code for their medicine, which will be dispatched in 3 days and available for collection within 10-14 days.

The 4 Delivery Methods

Vape Pen


Vapes work well for lung related ailments (flu, asthma etc.) Vapes are also great for tobacco smokers and those seeking rapid relief from pain, stress and anxiety attacks



Suppositories work well with severe pain and body ailments such as a weak immune system and should only be administered after a week of drops.

Cbd Oil


The best advantage with drops is the flexibility it gives each client to adjust their dosage for their personal health circumstances. Drops from a tincture bottle work well with mood disorders including disrupted sleep, depression and stress. Relaxation, sleep and rest are the fundamental pillars of our health and should represent the starting point for treatment with drops

Pain Relief


The Cannabis healing oil drops can be used topically for massaging for external pain including arthritis and to treat burns, sports injury and muscle pain

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If you are a health professional seeking alternative treatment methods for your patient, using scheduled medical cannabis products, please complete the form to arrange a referred consultation for your patients.

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