About Medical Cannabis

Doctors worldwide are becoming increasingly aware of the positive effects and benefits of Medical Cannabis, embracing the potential of this natural medicine. By now the medical use of cannabis is legal in certain countries including: Canada, Czech Republic, Austria, USA, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and South Africa.

The benefits of Medical Grade Cannabis are becoming clearer as studies show that Cannabinoids can serve as appetite stimulants, antiemetic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and can be helpful treating chronic non-cancerous pain, or vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy. Medical Grade Cannabis also helps in cases where other practices have been ineffective, or have had significant negative side effects. Medical Grade cannabis can be administrated using a variety of methods, including oil extract, vaporizing or smoking dried flowers, cannabis infused edibles, capsules, application of cream or using oral sprays.

Our Journey

RSAMMD’s founders are a group of medical professionals and cannabis activists who have been at the forefront of medical cannabis legislation and South African cannabis legalization, which took place in September 2018. Throughout the early days we extensively connected with local council leaders, constituency chiefs, veterans, advocates, academic principles, commissioner of police and even government ministers to name a few.

We helped to explain how the world’s perception was rapidly changing to allow legalized cultivation and experimentation, given the huge advances in cannabis medicines since its 1st recorded use over 10,000 years ago. These advances were made through gaining a deeper understanding of over 100 of the plants different cannabinoids and their harmonious connection with the human endocannabinoid system. The continuous supporting press and media coverage of the international cannabis industry as well as overwhelming success stories from medical cannabis patients have all contributed to South Africa taking its first steps towards legalization.

What We Do

RSAMMD aspires to educate and support doctors, physicians and health care professionals about the benefits of Medical Grade Cannabis in order to create responsible and reliable treatment programs for their patients as well as an access point to pharmaceutical grade, trialed and tested medical cannabis products. Through the combination of advanced contaminant-free greenhouses, 100% hermetic indoor facilities and our highly experienced team of doctors, pharmacists, traditional healers and horticulturists to name a few, as well as top local academic institutions, agri-tech specialists and engineers, RSAMMD offers the cleanest and purest products available on the market for patients looking for safe, effective, and consistent relief.

Our Mission

We have been experimenting and conducting Research and development with leading medical professionals and scientists in order to produce and distribute unique and potent forms of medical cannabis oils with diverse terpine and CBD combinations and low levels of THC.

These combinations allow treatment for an array of ailments. We endeavor to be the advocates for legalisation which would further ensure direct foreign investment, local job creation, international skills transfer, utilisation of the higher educated skills workforce in agriculture, scientific research, technology & renewable energy sectors not to mention providing the country with new tax revenue streams that many western countries are already hugely benefiting from having already legalised its use.

Our Commitment To Quality

RSAMMD believes in organic nutrition for the overall vitality of the plant as well as providing the healthiest medication for our patients. We use an advanced Hydroponic method whereby the cannabis plants are grown in clay pebbles and water from the Aquaponics system flushes mineral-rich water consisting of fish waste, over the plants roots which are growing in-between the clay pebbles. Nitrogen rich Worm Tea is added to the fish’s water reservoir, which doesn’t harm the fish, as the entire solution is natural and non-toxic. This organic blend of “waste” consists of the two best known forms of nutrition for healthy plants, accelerated yields, and are packed with necessary organic nutrients and minerals.

Quality and Consistency are our most important objectives and we embrace Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) standards for cultivation and Good Manufacturing Standards (EU GMP) in the production facilities we are partnered with. We are committed to pioneering South African standards in the cannabis market and establishing an African footprint for the international cannabis community.

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